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Hyper local marketing through business to business referrals
What's the best way to meet new customers in your local community? Through other local businesses that reach these customers. Simple right? But often overlooked. 
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VERIFIED Physical Reach with Brandcrush Activation Hosts?
It’s new. We get it, new things can be scary. But Brandcrush isn’t. Because we built in smart little tools and processes to give you the power to book activation spaces with confidence.
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Top Activation Spaces on Brandcrush
Need some activation inspo? Want to explore the spaces your product could fit? Dive in to the most popular activation spaces in each category on Brandcrush.
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Which Space Position is best for my brand?
You've pinpointed the types of spaces you want to target for your brand’s activation, but in order to make sure the product hits the consumers hands at an optimal time you need to get specific and choose what Space Position you want.
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