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Experiential Marketing, Consumer Touchpoints
Bubbly with your blowout?
The brand experience is created by many touchpoints. Brand or consumer touchpoints are all the different ways a consumer interacts with your brand before, during or after purchasing your services/products.
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Experiential Marketing
Experiences - memorable & marketable
Brand interactions have changed drastically in the past few decades. Gone are the days where all you needed to sell a product was a shiny advertisement on TV or radio; today’s consumers have become a lot smarter. And, they’re finding ways to avoid advertising wherever they can — using ad blockers, paying for premium ad-free services, and consuming entertainment and news media through diverse channels like streaming services and social media.
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Product sampling - old gold, new shine
Product sampling is nothing new. From grocery store booths to make-up counters, product trial has long been a cornerstone tactic for bricks and mortar retailers. But, unlike a lot of many traditional  marketing strategies that have fumbled in the face of our new e-comm dominated landscape, the power of sampling is only getting stronger.
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Activation Host, How To
How to list a space on Brandcrush
It’s free and easy to list your activation space on Brandcrush. Simply tell us a few details about your business and space, set your price, and wait for the bookings (and cash!) to roll in.
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