Imagine this. You pick up your regular latte' at your regular coffee shop, lovingly made by your fav barista. He pops a little something special on top, a new packaged chocolate perhaps, a new packaged cookie or a quirky message from a charity. You notice it. Better still you appreciate it. Greater yet, you remember it. This is a "gift with purchase' position.

The concept is super straight forward. The activation host actively hands out the brand’s product with every transaction, endorsing it to their customers and positioning it as a gift for them to enjoy. This particular space position has an average cost of just $0.70 per sample reach which is approximately 60% less than the industry average*

In a world first, Brands can leverage a network of businesses who actively distribute and promote their product to consumers. This model take the "trusted referral" approach to the next level  whilst simultaneously opening up a world of opportunities for scalable activations without the need for staff. 

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What do I gain as the brand?

1. Customers receive samples in a real consumption situation A great example of this is Picky Picky Peanuts activating their product in several spaces where beer was associated (Jimmy Rods & The Bottle House Balaclava). This way customers were able to enjoy the peanuts whilst enjoying a nice cold beer, giving your product their exclusive attention.

2. The reach is guaranteed – Activation hosts physically place your product in their customers hands, whom you have carefully selected based on your target market, so you know your sampling efforts are not being wasted.

3. Scale, scale, scaleBecause the activation host activates for you, you can launch a nationwide campaign without any of your own staff as discussed in our "Community Driven Activations" article. 

4. Allows you to put your resources ie time and staffing costs to better use

What do I gain as the activation host?

  1. Added value to your customers purchase experience - your customers will receive a fun sample every time they enter you space, making their experience in your space even more memorable
  2. Monetize your space - Make money in a space which previously wasn’t being utilised, you have nothing to lose!
  3. Establish great relationships with different brands - collaborating with complimentary brands is a great opportunity to establish long term business relationships

Any brand can utilise the gift with purchase opportunity. Whether you are a new brand or an established one with a new product, providing your customers with a freebie will not only increase awareness for your product, but establish positive and memorable brand associations

*Comparison with major retail activation opportunities via Woolworths.