Think like a brand

Don’t just copy and paste a business bio from your website. Think about what information will help brands better understand your space and the opportunities that exist. Give info about your clientele, how they move within your space, what types of brand activations would be most effective, etc.

Be honest

It may be tempting to talk-up your business and space to increase bookings, but it’ll only come back to bite you in the end! Give brands accurate insight into your space to avoid any unmet expectation (and bad reviews!). It’ll also help make sure that the right brands are booking your space, which is in the best interest of your customers.

Keep your focus

Remember, brands are looking at a number of potential space listings at any given time. So, make it really easy for them to see the benefits of your space quickly and clearly. Detail is great, but make sure it’s always relevant - include everything you think a brand would benefit from knowing, but spare them unnecessary information. Less is usually more!

Target brands

Don’t get too lost in specifics here, this isn’t a shopping list. Avoid naming any specific products, but think instead about the types of brands/products that would appeal to your client base. For example, if you run a yoga studio, the types of brands and products that might appeal to your clientele could be very broad - from organic skincare, to herbal teas, healthy snack bars, an eco shopping bag.

Win, Win and Win!

Always remember, brandcrush is a marketplace that should benefit everyone: the brands, your business, and your client base. Successful activations have the power to help brands reach their target market while inspiring your customers with free samples of products they want to try… all while giving you an additional source of income.

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